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Russian Technical Education
NGTU named after R.E. Alekseev, specialty "Innovation activity".
Master's Degree
NGTU named after R.E. Alekseev, specialty "Innovation activity management".
Skolkovo Startup School
Developing and creating your own startup based on the largest innovation ecosystem in Russia
How It Works
Audits Design

A design audit involves analyzing all the design elements used across your organization in order to ensure that branding is consistent across all channels and outlets. That not only means taking stock of your visual design elements, but also the verbal and written portions of your user experience.

Product Design

I will help make more money, combine user needs with business goals. I will develop the logic and visual language of the application or web service. I will take into account different patterns of behavior, help to attract new users and retain old ones.

Graphic Design

I will help you develop a visual style of the product, which can be used in presentations, social networks. I will help you create a style that will reflect your product and immediately communicate how it can be useful to customers.

Freelance 2019 - present time
I develop a variety of products, from page lending for online courses to large metallurgical platforms
Skolkovo "Sintez" 2021 - present time
I work as the lead designer on three projects.

Project 1: a mobile app specializing in the analysis of athletes' technique.

Project 2:
Web service classifier of technologies, services, tools in the oil and gas industry.

Project 3:
State service specializing in the recognition of objects from aerial photos.
Gallery of Contemporary Art k320 2022 - present time
Creating a visual style for the gallery
Audits Design, Product Design, Graphic Design