Projects in brief



Project Name: UpT.GOLF
Project Type: B2C, mobile application (iOS, Android, Flutter), Computer Vision and Machine Learning technologies
Brief Description: Development of a unique technology for analyzing athletes' techniques (specifically golfers) using computer vision algorithms and a biomechanical system. The application provides personalized recommendations and enhances user experience, helping athletes correct their technique without the need for comparison with a standard.

Key Project Features

Goals and Objectives:
  • Development and implementation of AI algorithms for personalized recommendations
  • Conducting user research and gathering feedback
  • Developing partnership strategies with golf clubs and coaches
  • Improving the user interface and functionality of the application
  • Accelerating training progress and reducing the risk of injuries
Key Results (KPI):
  • Reducing the time for technique analysis by 40%
  • Reducing the number of injuries by 30%
  • Increasing training efficiency by 25%
  • Increasing the number of active users (MAU) by 50% in the first 6 months

My Role and Team

My Role: Senior Product Manager
Main Responsibilities:
  • Developing long-term product strategy and unique selling propositions
  • Implementing and testing AI algorithms to improve user experience
  • Conducting user research and analyzing metrics
  • Developing partnership strategies with golf clubs and coaches
  • Improving the user interface and functionality of the application
  • Developing and implementing unique technology for athlete technique analysis
Team Composition:
  • 1 PM
  • 4 Developers
  • 2 Analysts
  • 2 Testers

Timeline and Tools

Timeline: 2020 – 2024
Project Management Tools:
  • Using Agile and Scrum methodologies
  • Jira for task tracking
  • Confluence for documentation
  • Slack for communication
  • Figma for creating CJM and analyzing customer interactions

Achievements and Results

Successful Moments:
  • Successful implementation of the technology in sports schools and clubs
  • Positive feedback from coaches and athletes
  • Increasing the number of users by 50% in the first 6 months
  • Securing 20 million rubles in project funding
Project Metrics:
  • CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost): $50, due to increased marketing campaign volume
  • LTV (Lifetime Value): $300, clients started using paid features and renewing subscriptions
  • Revenue: $18,000, due to user growth and the introduction of paid features
  • ARPU (Average Revenue Per User): $30, due to the implementation of paid subscriptions and services
  • MAU/DAU (Monthly Active Users / Daily Active Users): 100 / 25, due to increased marketing efforts and improved user experience
  • User Growth Rate: 20%, due to active marketing campaigns and referrals

Issues and Solutions

Computer Vision (CV) Issues

Problem: High-quality input video data requirements for correct athlete technique analysis.
  • Developing and implementing algorithms capable of processing low-quality video and highlighting key biomechanical markers.
  • Conducting numerous tests and improvements to enhance algorithm accuracy and resilience to external conditions.
  • Using machine learning methods to adapt algorithms to various shooting conditions, such as lighting and angles.
Problem: Limited computational power of mobile devices to work with heavy computer vision algorithms.
  • Optimizing algorithms for efficient operation on mobile devices using Flutter technology for cross-platform development.
  • Implementing distributed computing, where part of the analysis is performed on the server instead of the mobile device.
  • Regular updates and code improvements to enhance performance and reduce power consumption.

Development Issues

Problem: Difficulty in integrating multiple functions and algorithms into a single application with an intuitive interface.
  • Conducting detailed user research and creating CJM in Figma to analyze customer interactions.
  • Working closely with designers to develop a user-friendly and understandable interface.
  • Continuously collecting user feedback and iteratively improving the interface and functionality based on this information.
Problem: Supporting stable application operation on various platforms (iOS, Android) and devices.
  • Using Flutter for cross-platform development, ensuring a single codebase for all platforms.
  • Thorough testing on various devices and platforms to identify and fix bugs.
  • Implementing automated testing for quick problem detection and reducing code errors.

Communication Issues with Clubs and Coaches

Problem: Clubs and coaches' distrust of new technologies and their effectiveness.
  • Organizing demonstrations and presentations showing real examples of technique improvement using the application.
  • Conducting pilot projects in partner golf clubs to obtain real feedback and recommendations.
  • Constant interaction with coaches and clubs, discussing their needs, and integrating their suggestions into the product.
Problem: Challenges in establishing and maintaining long-term partnerships with clubs and coaches.
  • Developing a partnership strategy that includes favorable cooperation conditions and bonus programs for clubs and coaches.
  • Regular meetings and seminars to share experiences and discuss opportunities for improving the application.
  • Continuous support and training for coaches on using the application for athlete technique analysis.